Typical Stuff
Why didn't you update today?
I tend to get lazy. Chances it will be the next day/with the next update/behind the cafeteria.

Where did you get the idea?
It's what happens when you get the idea for a story and don't write it down for a while but think about it a lot, then decide to make it into a comic but don't finish the prologue for six months and then redo it (which is what happened).

How do you pronounce M'emo's name?
'Meeemo' or 'Meeeeemosine.' Hard E. Not like memo.

Wouldn't you pronounce the N? Like "Neemosine?"
.....uh. Er. No! Really! It's the M! [shifty eyes]
Oh, and he's named after a Greek titan. The only one that doesn't sound all fantasy-ish and dramatic, like Artemis or Hades or something.

Your art sucks.

Can we link exchange?
YOU BETCHA. Because a) I'm a publicity whore and desperately want this comic to be more popular and b) all them riteous artist elitist people who don't do link exchanges make me twitch.
So show it to me, I'll take a look.

Can you look at/give your opinion of my comic?
Hell yes. I love beta-reading. Send me the link and select one of two review types: harsh or sugar-coated wussy face. If harsh, I will spend lots of time overlooking the entire thing, analyzing characters, concept, and storyline and give suggestions for improvement and stuff. And trust me, if it's a manga/anime type comic, I will probably find at least something to suggest. ^^ If you choose the latter answer, I will tell you your webcomic is wonderful and good luck and just laugh at it behind your back with my friends.

Wait--that wasn't very historically correct...
If it has to do with M'emo and anyone involved with Sheol (the prologue), it's supposed to be that way. If it deals with the rest of the storyline, tell me, because being historically correct is fun.

Manga-dealing stuff
M'emo/Chance is so hawt.
No, he's not.

M'emo/Chance is a bishounen, you are a hypocrite!
Don't tell me those sorts of things, I'm the person who, if you ask me which actors I like, I will probably answer Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom just to make you happy, even though I can't stand Orlando Bloom, and if you ask for more, I'll look at you like a deer in the headlights. I have dysfunctional hormones.

Omg!!!!1 U homophobe!!!!1 Im bi so making fun of yaoi ish making fun of me!!!!111one
I am SO sick of hearing this one, and not just from the comic. I've been accused of being a homophobe because I ridicule yaoi/Anne Rice/Ghost in the Shell/Easter Eggs too many times to count. How do you people make this connection again? Point one: It's okay to hate and ridicule yaoi because it is not real. So what if I'm taking away from the fun of a fandom for the yaoi fangirls? They take away from the fandom by pairing every single male character (even in Beyblade! I hate Beyblade, and I think that's screwed!), making that freaking 'uke/seme' relationship, and basically making fanfiction.net absolute hell. Anime is for little Japanese kids (really, guys, don't argue me). Keep the fanfiction innocent. Think of the children.

Er--point two: I'm not sure how it will really benefit my open-mindedness to be accepting of a formation of lines and screentones screwing each other. They have no feelings! They're two dimensional drawings, for Pete's sake. Get over it. Real life gays=real. Yaoi=not real.
Oh, and by the way, if you ARE bi, please don't be insulted by this example of a raving idiot. It's only that it always seems to be someone bi, or claiming to be so, that complains.

You hate yaoi fangirls, don't you?
Brilliant, Sherlock!

But not all yaoi fangirls are idiots! Look at me! I'm so open-minded and stuff! Don't make broad generalizations!
Oh, of course I won't. I mean, it's not like I expect people to be intelligent enough to understand that broad generalizations are used for humor or to make a strong point and don't literally refer to every single member of a group or anything.
And by the by, people who say things like that are usually the most stereotypical of the groups, I've found.

I have a lovely bunch of coconuts.
Here they are all standing in a row.
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